Disabled in STEM

You belong in STEM!!!

As someone with a disability, we want to affirm that you DO belong in STEM!

This is a safe space for those with disabilities or chronic illness and for those who
are neurodiverse to seek advice from each other and share resources to
help each other succeed.


Mentorship is vital to being successful in STEM. We are looking for mentors (with disabilities and those without disabilities who are allies) who would be willing to share their experiences and shape the next generation! The first year of the program saw 45 mentees matched to mentors!

Now, with our second year we hope to continue to expand the mentorship program. Please fill out an application if you are interested!

Mentee application

Mentor application

If you are interested in a field related to healthcare, please check out the mentoring program from Doctors with Disabilities.


Famous Scientists with Disabilities

Summer Research Opportunities

PREP Program (year-long funded NIH research

Recent Twitter conversation has sparked the desire for an anonymous review process of institutions/programs. Here is the review form. Spreadsheet of responses can be found here.

Working with Dr. Tanya Harrison, there is a list of scholarships available for those with disabilities in STEM.

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Real-life stories

Check out our blog section to see some of the real-life stories we have shared so far!

If you want to share your story, feel free to reach out to disabledinstem@gmail.com or fill out this form.


DisabledInSTEM was started by one disabled scientists with the goal of wanting to help make the path more accessible for future generations. This initiative strives make a space for anyone who identifies as disabled, neurodiverse, or chronically ill. The goal is to bring awareness, provide/highlight resources, and create a sense of community.

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Get in touch

Reach out so we can work to help you!

Email: disabledinstem@gmail.com



Pictured is the working logo for DisabledInSTEM, which is a blue and purple DNA helix standing vertically with a head of a water molecule in blue with red arms. Above the head is the chemical formula of water written a H-O-H.
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