Interview Series- Toni Spinella

We’re fortunate to have had the time to learn more about Toni Spinella’s experience as someone with endometriosis who is currently a clinical psychology PhD Student! To keep up with Toni, check out her Twitter @Spinella_T. We want to continue to feature those DisabledInSTEM. If you would like to share your story, please fill outContinue reading “Interview Series- Toni Spinella”

Interview Series- Dr. Deidra Jacobsen

Today’s Interview Series features Dr. Deidra Jacobsen who will soon be a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Utah starting in Fall 2020! If you want to keep up to date with her, check out her Twitter account @plantdefense where she posts and re-tweets a mix of science and chronic illness/disability topics. If you areContinue reading “Interview Series- Dr. Deidra Jacobsen”

Interview Series- Erin Leigh Anderson

Another week means another interview series out! Today we are featuring Erin Leigh Anderson! Erin is in here last year of her doctoral studies, so watch out for her on the job market soon! If you want to know more about what she does, visit her website and what I have done. She isContinue reading “Interview Series- Erin Leigh Anderson”

Interview Series- Kiara Gomez!

Today, we are featuring Kiara Jeannelle Gomez who took the time to share her experiences with us! Kiara is currently a PhD candidate in Geological Sciences. Her long-term goal is to address challenging research questions in either industry or academia, so watch out for her in the future as she becomes available on the jobContinue reading “Interview Series- Kiara Gomez!”

Interview Series- Rhiannon Lunney

Today’s Interview Series is focusing on Rhiannon Lunney! Rhiannon is joining us from Wales, where she is a Physics PhD Student studying theoretical condensed matter at Cardiff University! Rhiannon has always been a prominent voice within the DisabledInSTEM community and willing to share her experiences. Check out her tips on studying with a disability here.Continue reading “Interview Series- Rhiannon Lunney”

Interview Series- Timmy Le!

Today as part of our interview series, we are talking with Timmy Le who is a second year biomedical PhD student at University of Massachusetts! He has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy. Timmy is currently an aspiring neuroscientist, with future goals to partake in academic research and teaching the next generation of future scientists. He activelyContinue reading “Interview Series- Timmy Le!”

Interview Series- Karen Tang!

Today, we are highlighting another amazing person who identifies as DisabledInSTEM- Ms. Karen Tang! Karen has always been such a voice for those with disabilities in STEM on Twitter (her Twitter handle is: @KarenTang_) and we are very fortunate she took the time to share her experience as a Clinical Psychology PhD Student with us!Continue reading “Interview Series- Karen Tang!”

Interview Series- Dr. Stephen Klusza

Today, we are kicking off the interview series of DisabledInSTEM. This idea is so that others can share their experience/advice and can help others out. If you are interested in being interviewed, here is the form. We are excited to start our series by introducing Dr. Stephen Klusza! He was one of the first fewContinue reading “Interview Series- Dr. Stephen Klusza”

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